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 personalised gifts for her     |      2020-03-09

Thanks for entering the Canon Rebel Camera (plus gift cards) giveaway.? I was antsy all week, thinking about who might win.? I can’;t hardly wait to hear who the official winners are.? We’;re still waiting to hear back from all the winners…;…;and then I’;ll post their names. :)

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Changing up your home decor can sometimes be as easy as changing up a few pillows.? And good news is, if you just sew them up yourself, it won’;t cost you as much.? Especially if you’;re just covering an old boring pillow.?

So yeah, I had a little itch to make a new pillow today.??With an off center fold and button-up look.? Simple but cute.

?No worries, there are no button-holes involved.? It only looks as if there might be.

And you knowpersonalised gifts for her, it’;s really fun to have busy pillow prints with lots of colors.? But sometimes you need one that’;s a little more subtle…;…;that gives off a single punch of color.? And throwing on some buttons still gives it some visual appeal.

And my favorite part?? Oh, I don’;t know…;…;.maybe the 30-minutes-or-less that it took me to make it.? And then, YAY, a new pillow!!?

** If you need some other pillow ideas, stop by the Home Decor section of my blog.? There are several other styles and techniques over there.

Would you like to whip up a Fold-Over Button Pillow for your own home?

First, decide on the size of pillow you’;d like to make.? I had an old pillow that I wanted to cover that was 14 x 20 inches, so I made my cover to fit that.? But you can make any size or even stuff your pillow cover with batting.? It’;s up to you.

But, because my pillow was 14 x 20 inches, I needed a front and back piece that were 15 x 21 inches, which gives me a 1/2 inch seam allowance around all edges.? However, the front piece needed to be a little wider than the back, because of the fold over section.? My buttons were about 1 inch wide so I wanted my fold over section to be about 1.5 inches wide.? So I added 3 inches to my pillow front width, to allow for the fold over section.? So I cut my back piece 15 x 21 inches and my front piece 15 x 24 inches.

Then, I placed my front piece of fabric face down on the table and then folded over one end over to the back about 9 inches.? Then I sewed a seam 1.5 inches from the folded edge.? (You can play around with the fold over measurement.? If you want it more centered or more to the right, do some folding first and look at it to see if it’;s just how you want it.)

See? There’;s the seam.

Then open it up to the front and iron the folded section over to the right.

Then sew your buttons on.? (By hand or with your sewing machine.)

Then place your front piece together with your back piece, with right sides together.? Then sew all the way around, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, but be sure to leave a wide opening along the bottom to fit your pillow inside.? Then clip off each corner and then zig-zag or serge the edges. Turn right side out, poke out corners, and iron flat.

And fold over the edges of the opening towards the inside of the pillow a 1/2 inch, and iron those flat too.

Stuff your pillow inside and then hand stitch it closed.

Now toss on the couch, add it to your bed, and place on a window seat.?

?There’;s always room for more pillows. :)


The past few springs, we have traveled to Napa and Sonoma Valleys to relax and enjoy all that wine country has to offer. We love perusing the boutiques filled with beautiful wine barrels turned into cutting boards and wine accessories. Nearly every store there offers wine stakes in addition to a few chains, but I’ve never found any that fit my aesthetic.?I love the convenience they offer while picnicking, eliminating the risk of spilling a great glass of Cambria. Options available online feel a little kitschy, so I made them with copper, which easily integrates into our decor and aesthetic. Copper is easily accessible, moldable and only looks more beautiful with time {and a glass of wine}.

Adding a piece of fabric to a pair of jeans is a simple way to give them a whole new look. Even big brother’s rugged jeans can become stylish hand-me-downs for little sis. Cherie from You and Mie gave her daughter’s pants a little extra pizzazz by using fabric to turn them into bell bottoms. They are super easy to do and any pair of pre-loved jeans will work.While you are browsing through You and Mie you must also check out her Custom Fabric Photo Book. It would make a great gift for a grandparent. The Boy-cycle Wear she made and put her daughter in has baby hipster written all over it. I want!