personalised gifts for her Christmas “Dream Tree” Challenge — Metal & Wood pillow case baby

 personalised gifts for her     |      2020-03-05

I know, I know…;…;we’;re all still recovering from our trick-or-treating hangover and here I am, throwing Christmas at you.? Ack!? One holiday at a time, right?! ;)? But for the past couple years, I have participated in a little “;Dream Tree”; challenge and it always happens right after Halloween ends…;…;to give everyone time to start planning their trees and Christmas decor!? But I’;m not gonna lie, I feel like I had to keep the tree hidden from the trick-or-treaters who came to our door on Halloween.? Ha!

But I do really love this jump start on Christmas and how it changes the mood and feel of my home…;…;plus, my tree is all done and ready for Christmas!!!!

valentines day gifts for him

So every year,?Michael’;s sends me a pre-lit tree and asks me to decorate it however I wantpersonalised gifts for her, using supplies and decorations from their store.? Ummmm…;…;yes, please!!!? (Here is my Dream Tree from 2013 and 2014.)? It’;s always strange to be shopping for Christmas before Halloween is even over (because my big tree arrived about 2 weeks ago)…;..but once I start hanging ornaments and stringing beads, I get so excited for the holidays to just keep rolling in!

This year…;..I had the hardest time deciding how I wanted to decorate my tree.? I walked through the Christmas aisles of Michaels and I wanted a little of this, a little of that, and my goodness…;..have you seen all the extra pillows, santas, reindeer, mantel lights, wall hangings, etc they have this year??? Michael’;s has really stepped it up and has loaded their shelves with the more “;current”; decorations this year.? There was so much I wanted to add to my cart!!!

But I finally decided on this…;

It’;s a mixture of industrial-type metals with some warmer woods, and then some black, white, and red thrown in!? Oh, and a marquee barnwood-style star on top!

My favorite part of the whole tree are these over-sized and rugged metal ornaments that came in several different shapes.

However, they actually only come as plain metal ornaments and I decided to add another dimension to them by gluing a wood ornament to the center of each one and then tied some black/white gingham ribbon to the top!

I also found these intricately cut 3D metal stars and snowflakes that were super cool.? A little bit of rugged and soft…;..meshed all together.

And then I found these painted wood circle ornaments that each had a different shape left as the “;negative”; in the center.? I thought they gave a nice depth to the different colors.

I skipped adding any normal sized glass ornament balls…;..and just added a few of these mini pearl colored balls.? (In fact, they’;re intended for one of those mini table top trees.)? I think keeping them mini kept the big metal ornaments as the main focus.

Oh…;.and I found these strands of wooden beads that look like cranberries and strung them all around the tree.? They add the perfect amount of red to the tree!? I also stuck in a few artificial pine branches all around the tree, that had these pine cones attached, which helped fill out the tree and give the needles another dimension.

I’;m still trying to understand how plaid snuck its way back in as a popular home decor trend this year…;.but it’;s baaaaack!? I actually felt the same way when skinny jeans came back a few years ago…;..but I learned that even if I resist, it doesn’;t change anything.? Haha! ;)

However, I actually like that plaid is back…; adds such a familiar warmth to my home!? A touch of cozy.? (And kinda reminds me of being a 7 year old little girl, wearing my favorite red taffeta dress that my mom made me in 1988, with a green plaid bow around my waist.? That big plaid bow MADE the dress!) Michaels has so much plaid ribbon to choose from this year, in a variety of textures.? It’;s a great way to add a little plaid in your decor, without going too crazy. :)

My 3rd “;Dream Tree Challenge”; complete —; and I’;d say this one has been my very favorite of them all! :)

Now, tell me, if you were able to decorate your tree in any color, any theme, and/or any style…;.what would it be?? Or maybe you’;re kind of unsure.? If that’;s the case, check out the Dream Trees that the other Michaels Makers have put together this year —;


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