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 personalised gifts for her     |      2020-03-04

Hi there! Welcome to the All Star Quilt-along. If you are just joining in, check out?Blocks 1 and Block 2 of the All Star Quilt. It’ll catch you up to where we are in week 2.

Let’;s dive right into block 3! We’;ll be using the same method of making flying geese that we did in block 1.

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We will be making 8 flying geese to surround our 4″ square for each blockpersonalised gifts for her, 4 in one print and 4 in another. Here is what you’ll need to cut for ONE block:

Make 8 flying geese using the method from the first post in this series.

Arrange your pieces as pictured below.

Sew your flying geese into units of 2 as pictured below.

Assemble your rows as pictured below.

Done! That one is super easy and really fun. Make one more block like this one and you are good to go until next week.

That’;s what I like most about this quilt. The blocks come together really easily and when they are all combined they make such a great picture! See you next week! And be sure to use #HeyNowYoureAnAllStarQuilt and #GiucyGiucePatterns when posting your progress on Instagram!

?Who’s ready to start their Holiday Sewing??? I know I’m anxious to get started! Today Sarah Ashford is sharing a Christmas Tea Towel Tutorial with all of us. She is the next in our new line up of blog contributors. I love her style and projects and think that you will as well!

With beautiful beach days fast approaching, we took a trip down memory lane with some of our summer loving locals.

Half square triangles are another important subunit in making quilt blocks and quilts.? A half square triangle block is a square made of two different fabrics, so that each fabric forms half the square joining along the diagonal.This instructable shows how to construct a half square triangle block from 2 squares of fabric so that they are ready to be used in a quilt.? Calculating the correct size of starting square to end up with the desired finished size is also discussed.? After following this instructable a student should be able to construct half square triangle units as used in many traditional quilt blocks.