personalised gifts for her All Star Quilt-along Block 2 decorative pillow shams

 personalised gifts for her     |      2020-03-04

Welcome back! If you are just joining in, check out?Block 1 of the All Star Quilt-along. It’;ll catch you up to where we are in week 2.

Now let’;s take a look at Block 2!

pillow covers geometric

For this quilt block we will need 18-2 1/2″; half-square triangles (HSTs) to surround our center block. We will be using the same formula we used in a quilt I designed last year for BERNINA. It makes 8 no waste HSTs at a time. Check out the post with the tutorial for how to make any size HSTs by clicking here.

Here is what we need to cut for ONE block:

Take a foreground and background fabric and place them right sides together. With your background on toppersonalised gifts for her, draw an X corner to corner.

Sew a 1/4″ seam on both sides of your drawn line.

Cut the block as shown below.

Cut again as shown below.

To the ironing board. Press your HSTs to the DARK side.?Trim them down to 2 1/2″; if necessary, but if you sewed with a good 1/4″; and cut accuratley they should be good to go!

Take your 2 1/2″; background squares and arrange them with the HSTs as pictured below (you will have 6 spare HSTs, save them for a rainy day).

Piece your rows together as pictured below.

Join the shorter rows to your center block.

Add your longer rows to the block as pictured below.

Done! Make one more block like this one and we will see you next week!?And be sure to use #HeyNowYoureAnAllStarQuilt and #GiucyGiucePatterns when posting your progress on Instagram!

A few months back I bought a babydoll dress that I loved and wore all the time, that is, until I accidentally shrunk it in the dryer. Now it’s literally?a dress for a?baby doll.?Instead of going out to buy a new one, I figured I should just learn how to make one with a pattern I can use forever. ?This dress is pretty easy to make,?and is nice and stretchy so you can easily throw it?on and head out. I plan to make so many more for this summer.

I love Spring, it’s my favourite time of year. The appearance of tiny snow drops pushing through the recently thawed ground, small buds sprouting from green shoots and branches, and the sound of morning bird song, all fill me with hope and anticipation.

Did you know there are numerous patterns online that can be had for free?? You just download them.I found a whole bunch here:? Not all of them are there, but many many are.Actually, once you've made the basics at least once successfully:? shirt, pants, dress, corset, hat, shoes, etc.? All you really need after that is just the cutting layout.? Many of them are constructed generally the same wayHaving realized that, it opens up a gigantic deluge of possibilities.? For instance:? If you go here...? And just do a search of their sample database, they quite generously give you the cutting layout for everything, most of the time.? It's jaw dropping really.? Their database spans a vast dictionary of fashion from the late 1800s, through each decade, including my favorite, the 20s, right up to the very recent 2010.?? Bless their hearts.? It is a subscription service of course, so if you want more information for a particular garment, you can choose from several subscription options all very reasonable, and I may do that if needed....? (Actually, I haven't quite figured out what it is you get with the subscription)Let me demonstrate how using just a cutting layout, I can make a little pair of pants for a doll without further ado