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 personalised gifts for her     |      2020-02-27

Yes, I made pretty large wedding invitations for our destination wedding in the Dominican (see them here?). But as it turns out, we are having TWO events (okay, technically three, if you count our legal day, which we do not). So, I needed some more invitations.

Would I buy them? Not I! I would make them! Well, I would make 2 of the 3 invitations to our at-home reception in August. That is right, 3 additional invitations.

lace pillowcases

Let's start with the first batch; then non-DIY ones.

I have used vistaprint extensively throughout my planning. I really should have kept track of everything ordered from there. Hats, t-shirts, pens, tote bagspersonalised gifts for her, keychains, mugs, photo flipbooks, business cards, magnets…; and now, postcards! They used to have amazing deals (I think I got all of those items free, with a minimal shipping charge), and they still have good prices, the free items just are not as plentiful as they were a year or more ago.

Anyway, I digress…;

I went on vistaprint, used a template for one of their postcards, and designed the following. These are being sent exclusively for those people attending the open house portion of the reception. There will also be a lot of people invited via word of mouth, but a few people get these. We are mailing them when we take off for our trip.

As for the actual invitations to the dinner, I insisted on DIYing these. I liked the pocketfold invitations, and managed to make ones of my own. I used paper I had bought previously (which is why half are coral and half are blue –; I did not have enough left to do them all the same colour!) I printed the information on my home computer, and cut and assembled them myself one weekend while hockey was blaring on the TV (well, we are Canadian, what can I say?).

So, get ready for an onslaught of pics! Ready? Here we go…;

Cardstock works well for this. Also, I used a table knife to make the folds clean.

With the first cuts and folds done!

I like the look with the triangles cut out, but that is personal preference.

One bonus of using two colours –; the paper cut from the one colour works well as a matte on the second!

Here is the inside of the blue one, all put together. The white printouts are just on regular computer paper. If you want to up it a bit, cardstock may be a better way to go. Ah. hindsight.

The inserts.

That is white clear (actually, little sparkly) ribbon I had leftover from a Christmas project, and our monogram, which I designed in Word, and printed at home.

The coral one. The inserts from this are printed on blue paper, and I used black ink. It is cheaper and shows up better on the blue. I am not sure if I would do this, were I to do it again, but I think it looks fine.

I used general blue ribbon from the dollar store on the coral ones. All done!

To save a little money, I am asking people to RSVP for the dinner online or by email or phone or word of mouth. ?I am sure we will not have everyone RSVP before our trip, but we won't be tracking them down until after we get back anyway, so they have a little extra time.

Now, for my coworkers, I was going to give them invitations to the open house as well, but I wanted to give them their invitations PRIOR to school ending. After the postcard invites arrived, and I looked at them, I just could not handle the idea of the invitations being in the past tense (i.e. “;were married”;) when they would be receiving them prior to our trip. ( I know, I have a problem). So I modified the invitations to our supper to just have information about the open house. These also include a belly band in place of the matte. These just went to my coworkers.

The current grand total, for the open-house invites, shipping, postage, materials, and so on…; $48.25.

I will still need to mail a bunch of the open-house postcards, so there will be additional postage for those. Not bad though, I think!

So that is it…; 4 different invitations! My favourite is still our message in a bottle ones to our wedding, but I really like these ones too, and they are much more cost-effective for a larger group (especially if you DIY them!).

What do you think? Are you DIYing your invitations?

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