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 personalised gifts for her     |      2019-12-04

Who says you have to be young to like pretending you’re a superhero? There’s plenty of grown-ups who take their superhero passion a little more seriously than most. Be inspired by some awesome interiors for teens and those who have remained young at heart!

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Giant Freakin Robot

Trekie fans abound – there’s annual conventions and plenty of other organised events happening across the globe.

What's Herrr Face

You can’t help but admire the work and dedication been used to create this stunning Bat-cave bedroom.

Geek at Heart

A life-size model of Superman stands over you while you sleep –I’m adoring the phone box!

Geek at Heart

We may have seen Harry Potter wane recently but for fans the magic never ends.

Nine MSN

This is definitely a 007 fans dream room. You can find it at Hotel 007 in Paris at a cool £366.00 ($596.50) per night.

Woo Home

This stunning stained glass window shows your real passion for interior design and your superhero.

Woo Home

How awesome to sit in the bathroom and see Spider Man villain The Sandman's fist coming through the wall!

Bite Wallpapers

Don’t want to go the hog and decorate an entire room? Super hero wall lights are a great compromise.


There’s plenty of novelty items bearing Superhero colours, logos and trademarks (like this Superman coat hanger) if your ‘persona’ has to be kept a little under wraps so to speak!

Studio Seven Art

There’s nothing childish or immature about this stunning Joker themed bedroom.

Nerd Approved

Add a little fun into your bedroom with a whimsical touch of the Mario Brothers.

Theme Rooms

This adult Mickey Mouse stylised bedroom oozes charm and a touch of yesteryear.

Club Fashionista

Barbie isn’t solely for little girls as this living room design shows.


Add a pop of colour and superhero ‘talk’ to your walls with this awesome wall clock.

Noa Club

Not permitted to decorate your home with your superhero? No worriespersonalised gifts for her, customise your car’s interior instead!


This may be worth considering for next Movember! Getting practising now so it’s perfected in time.


No Batman themed home should be without a Bat-cave home theatre.


Take control of the Star Ship Enterprise with this fabulous Star Trek home theatre.

Man Cave Central

Or maybe you prefer this one?

Comic Book Movie

Batman symbol swimming pool has to be the ultimate way to show your Dark Night dedication to the neighbours.

Red Beau Mannequin

How awesome is this Catwoman mannequin coffee table? Perrrrfect for living rooms, home theatres and dens.

Nerd Approved

Star Trek pizza cutter – it may be a touch nerdy but it’s cute!

Nerd Approved


I bet this Millennium Falcon coffee table doesn’t get cluttered!

DCUO Furniture

The ultimate superhero bed? Some may say so.

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As promised, this is the follow-up to my Cooling Vest Instructable. The Vest was to keep your torso cool while working outside or in a hot area, but did nothing to keep your head cool in the same environments.

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