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Well, if you consider curtain as an accessory in your room, then well, let’s rephrase it to The Accessory. It takes care of making your room warm and cool, just as you desire. It offers you privacy or ventilation as you fancy. And it is one accessory, which you will find in every home. So, how do you make your room look different and exquisite with this commonly found accessory? Maybepersonalised gifts for her, accessorizing it can give a different look and feel. Let’s share with you some easy and cool ways of making your curtains look unique and distinct.

1. Tiebacks: Timeless and truly eternal, curtain tiebacks are multi-functional and decorative. They can enhance the grace of your gorgeous curtains and help you enjoy sunlight or privacy just as you desire. Tiebacks are the perfect way of making your curtains look different. The way they hold your curtains neatly definitely add to the poise of your room. In terms of decorative value, they can literally transform even a plain curtain into a mystical masterpiece. With options aplenty in terms of vintage and contemporary ones, tiebacks can give that rustic or cool feel, just what you desire. Coming in simple rope form or with a metallic tint, they can make your simple curtains effortlessly chic. You can look for these enduring masterpieces at Deco window online store. Our exquisite variety comes in dyed yarn and metallic make with sun and colorfast feature. Browse through the collection at and make your curtains, the masterpiece of your room.

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2. Trimmings: Let the curtain trimmings play their magic by simply changing the very look of your curtains. Trimmings are the ideal way of adding that luxe touch to your curtains. You can add them length or breadth wise on your curtains or design your curtains with them the way you want. A flexible and easy means of adding a different element of color and texture, they come in different designs and patterns, so you can pick and choose the one that will best go with your room curtains. For a fancy enhancement, you can go for one which comes with tassels or brush. Otherwise, gimp and tape ones are perfect for that elegant and subtle touch to your curtains. Free-flowing and flexible, you can easily design your curtains with it in different ways and make your curtains one of its kind. You will get a variety of trimmings at We have a simple cord and stylish tassel fringe for your curtains. You can buy curtain trims per meter and redesign your curtains the way you want.

3. Valance: A touch ofvalance can definitely work wonders. Been in vogue since times immemorial, a valance gives a polished and designer look to the curtains,while making them look taller. It is a simple and elegant means of polishing your curtains. Purely decorative in nature, avalanceis a window dressing that can add texture,colorand grace to your curtains by layering. Make your curtains visually impressive by adding an elegantvalance. Well, in terms of function it will definitely conceal your curtain rods. Give that classy touch to your curtains withwindow valancefrom You will get a variety of them at the online store.

Add that tieback, trim or piece of valance to your beautiful designer curtains and let them play their magic in beautifying your curtains, manifold. Simple, eternal and decorative, each of these have a functional utility, as well and can make your curtains, absolutely central to your room. You can get all these curtain accessories from, your one stop shop for designing your windows.

Hey friends! I've teamed up with some AWESOME bloggers to bring you the DIY Housewives series. Each month we are going to be sharing some of our best DIY projects that are sure to inspire you to DIY your own home. This month we are sharing our DIY kitchen projects.

For most, getting married, not only signals the beginning of an emotional partnership but also a collaboration of each others material lives within a home. From viewing properties to choosing wallpaper there are a huge number of decisions for you both to make which can inevitably lead to disagreement and argument. As with most things, however, the key to creating a beautiful and practical home that you both enjoy is compromise.

The Tour de France result was decided today and for the first time ever a British rider, Bradley Wiggins, won the race. Wiggins rides for Team Sky, which was set up in 2010 with the aim of winning the Tour de France with a British rider by 2013. At the time I thought this was completely unrealistic but, incredibly, they have achieved in. In support of Wiggins and Team Sky (and because I thought they’d look cute) I made some tiny yellow jerseys, or mini maillot jaune.So do you want to make a mini Maillot Jaune for your own budding cyclist? I used the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae as a starting point and made a few adjustments to get a cycling jersey. The changes include adding elasticated pockets on the back, a full length zip on the front, elasticated waistband and sleeves and adding a collar in the same material as the T-shirt. Rae just released it in sizes 6-14 too so you could make it for older children as well.I originally wrote the instructions for this here on my blog Craftstorming. Sky also gained a new sponsor :)