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 personalised gifts for her     |      2019-07-25

Crafters are on what I like to call a different 'Holiday Time Zone.' While the rest of the world decorates for Christmas after Thanksgiving, we have started shopping for Christmas stuff in July. While people dust off their Halloween costumes to re-use againpersonalised gifts for her, crafters have been plotting out their ingenious new ideas and have them completed several weeks in advance.Anyway, this question shouldn't phase you:Are you sick of Halloween yet?The answer is probably somewhere close to yes. Not because you don't love Halloween, but because you should have already started eagerly planning your Thanksgiving Day Feast and Festivities.I know I am'These cute little babies will be sitting on each person's plate!

accent pillow case baby canvas outdoor

We've covered lots of clever?personalized gifts?that we've discovered over the years, and especially personalized gifts for Mother's Day ' with more in the next few weeks, no doubt! And the new-to-us Irvine-based Etsy shop, Fontem, is a new one to add to the top of our lists.

When it comes to?celebrity engagement rings, it’s hard not to get jealous (like, really jealous), and?there’s no denying how fun it is to stalk?the big,?expensive?rings of the rich and famous.?Just admit it—you’ve always wanted to know exactly how much Carrie Underwood’s ring costs and how many carats sit on Beyoncé’s ring finger.?Honestly, thank goodness for celebrity engagement rings. Scroll through this list of famous?sparklers (plus their price tag and carat count) for your daily dose of?diamond envy.