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This post is sponsored by Progressive Home Insurance. Is it still new once you’;ve lived in it for ten months? It still feels new. Remember when we first bought it? I’;ve been slowly working on it. We started with the patio, and since then we’;ve done Scarlet’;s room, the floors, and the master bedroom which I will show you some peeks of.

Lots of stuff still need some love, like the bathrooms and the weird ceiling tiles, but I find I am sort of taking my mother’;s approach to it. She would always say, the house will still be there next year. One step at a time. And so we are proceeding slowly and cautiously (because if I am becoming more like my mother in any way, it’;s trying to be more responsible with my moneyaccent pillow case baby home and living, which was a defining quality of my mother). One aspect of that is focusing on the more important aspects of homeownership before going nuts with all the details like putting in hardwood floors or buying lots of pretty pillows (though I did also buy quite a few pretty pillows). First and foremost you want to protect your home, and any and all of the renovations and personal touches you put on it. My responsible slow and steady approach is a real “Parentamorphosis” moment. If you’re buying, or just bought a house, or just have questions about home insurance, I highly recommend heading over here. But more about the house that my mother helped me buy (may she rest in peace). Her influence is all over this home, I wish she was around to see it.

personalized gifts for her

My mother and I were very different. She saved antiques, I tend to purge purge purge. But she left me some things that I have found special places for. In our little office I hung her portrait, which was the one thing I begged my brother and sister to let me take when she died. They agreed knowing how much I loved this painting. That wooden lion was a gift my mom picked up for Scarlet on safari in Kenya. My mom and I both loved to travel and display the trinkets we collected.

More evidence of that in the entryway, where I hung my favorite leather strap mirror and the springbok antlers I picked up on my safari in South Africa. My sister and her wife gave me that beautiful planter as a housewarming gift, so thoughtful.

I haven’;t decided what I am going to do with the very-vintage guest bathroom yet, but I think I have to keep that wallpaper? The house I grew up in had lots of dramatic wallpaper as well. It’;s just too fun and perfectly 60’;s to take down. My mom always had a collection of perfume bottles and of course now I do too.

Scarlet’;s room was one of the most fun things we’;ve done. I will do a whole post on this room at some point but I have to hold off because it’;s going to be on TV! More on that later. We pulled up the shag carpet, painted it pink (but a good pink!), and gave her a built in desk. I never sound more like my mother than when I roll my eyes at her terrible organization skills and tell her to clean this thing. I like looking at her snow globe collection and seeing the ones my mom bought her.

In the master bedroom, I can see hints of my mom’;s seventies style. The macramé, peacock chair, and gold accents all trace back to a stylish mom of the 70’;s. I will do a whole big reveal when it’;s done, the before and after on this one will surprise you. The thing that reminds me most of my mom in this post is the little dog on the bed. No one loved a yappy little dog more than my mom, I definitely got that from her.

Mixing up all this old and new stuff, vintage and modern, things my mom physically gave me, and values I’;m realizing she imparted is quite the ride. I’;m not sure my transition into becoming my mother is complete, or ever will be, but I am grateful for the parts of her that are in my home, and in my heart. I guess I am becoming more like her in places where it really matters, like being financially responsible, and always prepared for the worst, even while hoping for the best. Thanks Progressive for taking me down this path. I’;ve enjoyed thinking about my mother’;s influence on my home and my own little “;Parentamorphosis.”; For more Parentamorphasis moments, click here. For more home tips and tricks, click here. Looking to insure your hard work within your home? Click here.

This post is sponsored by Progressive.

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