accent pillow case baby home and living How to upcycle a button up shirt into an off-the-shoulder top decorative pillow shams

 accent pillow case baby home a     |      2020-03-30

Follow Thao Huygh from the 7th Bone Tailoring team as she shows you how to effortlessly create a new style from an existing button up shirt. Don’t toss out those ex-boyfriend shirts. Make an adorable new top for yourself instead! Watch her laid back approach to giving a new life to old clothing.

Note: This video is for beginning to advanced sewists.

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On the job at 7th Bone Tailoring, Thao works with the world’s top stylists and celebrities to achieve perfect fit. Her job is stressful and requires precision—but her calm approach to upcycling will show you how to transform your existing wardrobe with zero stress. Thao goes?over the basics of designing a new styleaccent pillow case baby home and living, creating a casing and adding elastic.

She uses all-purpose thread and a universal size 14 home sewing needle to achieve the look. Thao and the 7th Bone Tailoring team LOVE the?BERNINA?1008 durable mechanical features. The team relies on the BERNINA 1008 as a workhorse on the job. Other favorite 7th Bone Tailoring machines are the BERNINA?350 PE. Watch Thao use a basic straight stich and zig zag stitch on this simple project.

This video shows you how to create a shirt or a dress?depending?on the wearer’s height! Have fun upcycling and making new memories from old shirts!

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Well I think it’s time for another Saturday Snapshots post… I always mean to share these once a week but never seem to prioritize the time to sit down and write up the post.