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And yes, the skirt still has plenty of flexibility…;..perfect for climbing and other such fun.

I used knit fabric as the skirt base and then added the chiffon to that.? Mine is made for my little girl who wears a 4T, so adjust this tutorial as needed…;…;but you don’;t want/need the knit skirt base to be very full.? But you don’;t want it too snug/tight either so that it limits movement.? So my little girl is about 20 inches around in the waist, so I figured about 28 inches around would be plenty big.

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So I started with a piece of knit that was 29 x 11 inches. (An extra inch in the width for the side seam allowance and an extra 2 inches for the top and bottom seam allowances.)

Then I cut a long strip of interfacing that was 29 inches long and about 1/2 of an inch wide.? Then I ironed it to the bottom edge of the skirt on the wrong side of the fabric.? I did this because this knit was rolling so much and I wanted the bottom edge of the skirt to stay flat and not roll upaccent pillow case baby home and living, making the skirt base shorter and shorter.

Then, I folded skirt in half and sewed a seam along the side of the skirt, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.? I sewed another stitch right next to the first, for re-enforcement.

Then, I made a gathering stitch along the top edge of each of the circles of chiffon, 1/4 inch away from the top edge.? (Need help with gathering?? Click here for me info.)? Then I pulled the threads, cinching in the chiffon.

Then I slid this ruffle over the skirt, and adjusted the chiffon to fit around the skirt just right.? I pinned the ruffle in place, allowing the ruffle to fall about 1 inch below the bottom edge of the knit base.

Then I attached a safety pin to a piece of 3/4 inch wide elastic, and threaded it through the casing at the waist.

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