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Orange Clove Natural Holiday Centerpiece?makes any table perfect for the holidays!

It all started with the memory of a childhood classroom craft. This Orange and Clove Natural Holiday Centerpiece evolved as I poked clove after clove into a small bag of oranges that I’;d threatening my family not to eat!?

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It happens often in a blogger’;s household. My family has called me many a time asking if I need a photo of the meal cooking in the crockpot or if the treats on the counter can be eaten. ? ?

I’;ve been wanting to re-create clove oranges for a couple of years. I remember doing this as a child and my sister creates a simple bowl of these around the holidays. I call it an old fashioned craft. It’;s been around for as long as I can remember and I love that young kids can help. It’;s easy and it smells amazing.

What I used:

My neighbor just so happened to be trimming his large cedar trees and had a huge pile of greens in his drive way. I also had a few trimmings from our Christmas tree that we had just cut.

I already have several large trays, so I grabbed the nearest one. It doesn’;t really matter what it looks like because you’;ll be filling it with all your natural goodies. A large platter or even a large bowl will also work.

I used the same dotted glass jars I used for my 5 minute DIY?Cranberry Cedar Luminaries. I picked them up at New Seasons in the plant section. I LOVE them!

I first put the jars down and filled in the blank spaces with cedar and noble greens. Then I placed my oranges around, making it look like it wasn’;t purposeful.

I had a few pine cones my husband found for meaccent pillow case baby home and living, so I placed a few of those in too.

Then while putting a few things away in my hutch drawer, I found some pretty mosaic stained glass votives that I thought would be perfect! Another great idea…;.. throw a few Christmas ball ornaments in, or Christmas picks like I used on my boxwood wreath I embellished. So easy!

I’;m a firm believer that you don’;t need expensive designer items to decorate. Look to nature to do some of the work, or just think outside the box and shop your home. Try new things.

I was pressed for time for decorating and was thrilled when I came across these polka dot ornaments I had picked up the year before on clearance. I went to hang them on the tree and realized they were missing their little hanger threads. Knowing I really wanted to use them somewhere, I set them down on this tray to figure it out and realized, that was the perfect place for them! ?Also, if you have any fake know…;. or you can even use sugar or flour…;. fill your apothecary jars and plop your bottle brush trees inside. Or just fill with left over ornaments. Boom!

My other secret…;…;. just tie ribbons on everything.

Enjoy your Orange Clove Natural Holiday Centerpiece anywhere in your home!

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