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I’;m so thrilled to have my long time blog friend Marianne from the beautiful Songbird. She is sharing her simple yet wonderful DIY Terra cotta Garden Centerpiece. Putting together a unique centerpiece can be overwhelming. I say grab what inspires you, break the rules and enjoy! Usually the easy centerpieces are my favorite. These Cranberry Luminaries have gone viral and they literally take 5 minutes to make.

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Hello awesome creative readers from Today’;s Creative Life, I am Marianne, also known as Songbird.

I am so happy and excited to meet you all here today and incredibly honored that Kim would deem me fit to appear in this awesome line-up of guest bloggers. You seeaccent pillow case baby home and living, I am a bit of a lazy crafter. And when decorating I usually go for the easy option over the elaborate one.

In fact, my garden centerpiece project of today is so easy and laid back that I think I would be insulting your creative talent if I gave you a full tutorial.

See for yourself:

I made a last-minute-unexpected-guest-decorating-centerpiece. There was a paintbrush involved so I guess you could consider this a craft, but in all honesty that was about as crafty as it got.

But I love this kind of decorating/crafting. I think I am actually getting to be known for it, since easy and light decorating with flowers is just about my most favorite thing to do.

And I think this is the perfect summer centerpiece that will be a conversation-inducing centerpiece at any garden party.

And it couldn’;t be easier.

I kind of went for a multi-colored, multi-flowered look here. But I am sure it would look awesome in a single color tone too, or with all the same flowers.

This is so easy, it can be changed in a matter of minutes.

So easy, but I do think it has the oomph factor. Agree?…;…;.

Yeah, what better time than summer to take a relaxed approach to crafting and decorating? I guess we’;ve got the rest of the year to go for daring, challenging and complicated.

Let’;s all just enjoy some floral beauty the easy way instead.

Oh and maybe a nice cold glass of pink wine too ??

Hope you liked my little garden centerpiece and feel inspired to create your own!

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