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Y'all, we survived our DIY bathroom remodel. WOOOO HOOOO! If you've been following our DIY bathroom remodel here on my blog, you know we've put our blood, sweat and tears into it week after week. But we have reached the finish line and though we are EXHAUSTED, I can definitely say all the hard work was worth it.

If you are new here and want a bit of history on this project, you can read about the plans for the bathroom here, see thefirst bathroom reno update hereaccent pillow case baby home and living, and second update hereand thetiling reveal here, and last week's update here.

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The average mid-range bathroom remodel in 2016 was $10,499 according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association and $14,975 according to Well folks, ours cost just over $5,000 because we got sweaty and dirty and did it ourselves! You can see the cost breakdown at the end of the post.

Before I show you all the reveal photos, here's a list of everything we did in the space:

List of projects we did all by ourselves (#DIYwarriors):

List of projects we hired out:

Phew. Yep. It was a lot. Here's a photo collage of “;in progress”; shots along the way.

And here are the grisly before photos. Yes, there was DIRTY carpet on the floor. There was no natural light and it was just super, super outdated.

Well, let's take a look at how it looks NOW! There is a full source list at the bottom of this post for you :)

Though it was a TON of work, I am so glad we decided to carry the subway tile from the floor to the ceiling on the mail wall in this DIY bathroom remodel. It just makes all the difference in the world. It serves as the perfect backdrop for this awesome lucite shelves I found at Homegoods (don't worry–;I've already figured out how to DIY this project and that tutorial should be coming in a couple of weeks). They just wouldn't pop the same way if this wall was just painted.

Another decision I am BEYOND thrilled with is the fact that we used penny tile in the shower niches. I love the contrast and visual interest it adds. And can we talk about how much our newly installed window POPS since I painted it black. Best decision ever!

I put the girls' shampoo and conditioner in these cute plastic pump dispensers since they shower themselves now. It's so much easier for them than trying to squeeze it out of regular bottles.

As usual, the small details in this room are what really make it feel special. I love the super inexpensive faucets that we selected. And those mirrors you see? I got those for a steal and added that gold finish myself to get just what I wanted (tutorial coming soon).

Speaking of details, check out the cabinet and drawer hardware we found. I'm IN LOVE with it.

And can we talk about those vanity lights? Ahhh, they are one of my favorite touches of this DIY bathroom remodel and they were SUPER inexpensive.

Now, let's turn our attention to the opposite wall, where I created a fun art gallery for my sweet girls. It features some of their original art, and the rest of the pieces scattered in I either already had or I got out of these crazy inexpensive art print books and popped them in frames we already had. Throw in some fun geometric wall vases with air plants and it was a wrap. I love how it turned out.

And those towel hooks–;aren't they the BEST?! They make it so easy for our girls to hang their towels up when they are done showering and they are so friggin' cute. I ordered them from Decor Steals about 8 months ago and am so glad I did.

So that's it folks. What do you think of our DIY bathroom remodel? I think it's PERFECT. We went with classic and neutral choices (black and white tile, walnut finish, gold and black accents) so that as our girls get older, it will be super easy to add in more “;mature”; decor and we can make it as colorful or neutral as we want it. And if/when we ever sell this house, the fact that the bones are classic and neutral should definitely appeal to most buyers.

Here's the breakdown of our DIY bathroom remodel cost. Again, remember that the average bathroom remodel in 2016 cost is $10,499 to $14,975 (depending on who you ask).

Now for that source listfor our DIY bathroom remodel that I promised you :) This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Staple items:

Decor items:

Shower fixtures/accessories:

Gallery wall items:

And if it's easier for you to shop visually, you can click on any of the photos below for more info on what you see.

What do you think?! Can you believe this DIY bathroom remodel transformation????

Oh, and before I forget, I am participating in the amazing One Room Challenge hosted by the amazing Linda at Calling it Home with this bathroom renovation of mine. You can click on the image below to see what the reveals of over 200 other bloggers. I've already checked out a few and they are mind-blowing! Be sure to head over and check them out!

pillow covers farmhouse

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