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It’s time you translate your love for the days gone by with antique bedroom furniture that spells class and style. Get hold of some antique bedroom furniture and welcome an old world charm.

A majestic bed – A bed with an ornate headboard which is not just eye-catching but also high on aesthetics is one sensible buy. Let your bed stand out in the room, slip into the glorious past as you climb up on it.

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Trunk it up – no matter what’s inside the trunk, an antique trunk, preferably made of dull leatheraccent pillow case baby home and living, complete with the humongous latch and knobs add an extra dimension to your antique bedroom furniture.

Dress it up – a rich, dark mahogany dresser is another must-have, antique bedroom furniture you can’t do without. You can use this to house your essentials, clothes, important documents inside this one but the outer look, complete with well-polished brass knobs and carved legs steal the show.

Crowning glory – while it doesn’t qualify as furniture, but antique fans complete the timeless appeal. Choose a fan that’s short and stout, the blades made of gleaming brass and a light fixture hanging off the fan. Every time you switch it on, you ruffle the air of bygone days.


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