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In our last post in this week's mini-series we take a look at contemporary graphics. As you have probably guessed this too is an on-trend interior design prediction this year for those of you who love contemporary interiors and the latest innovations and ideas. As we've already seen in our previous posts the straight lines which are synonymous with contemporary designs this year the edges are being soften with curves and flowing lines.

This doesn't mean that the straight lines are out per say – what it does mean is that you can mix the two so that they compliment each other without losing sight of the principles of contemporary design. In bedrooms curved lines bring a 'sexy' look without being trashy or 'tacky' looking. These contoured lines can be seen on ceilings, floors, walls and furniture while the straight clean lines still take precedent. Rather than splashing out on a new curved edge or circular bed you can include curves via floral blooms and informal furniture.

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Even the bed cushions have a natural curve which can be enhanced to blend in with the style naturally. Large rugs with bold blocks of colour will add another of this year's design elements to the roomaccent pillow case baby home and living, while plain coloured duvet sets reinforce the style without screaming out to be the focus of attention and distracting the eye from the main features within the room. Gentle curves which flow should lead the eye naturally from one part of the room to another.

Trendy, contemporary tables and even small accessories such as clothes bins can take a curvaceous form and not look out of place. The transition from having entirely straight, clean lines to the inclusion of gentle curves can be a subtle as you wish. Think about the functional pieces in your bedroom such as lighting and bedside table lamps – changing these to a curve or globular shape will show that you keep-up with the latest design trends – changing your wall art into the illusion of a statement headboard can transform the dynamics of your bedroom.

You can also change your window dressing, graphic patterned blinds and cheap curtains are just another example of how to up-date a contemporary look without having to think too hard or ask the bank manager for an overdraft! This style isn't about changing to a completely different design, it is about thinking constructively about the look and making changes to suit your personality, individuality without detracting from the chic contemporary design that you love.

In just a couple of hours you can turn an old pair of jeans into a composition book cover that your back to school teen is sure to love. I’ve sized this project to fit a composition book measuring 9 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ but you can easily size the directions up or down to fit any notebook.

Longtime BSB reader Lindsey has offered to share a quick and easy DIY tutorial with us today to help you craft napkin rings that you can use for your reception! Pair these simple napkin rings with your napkins to spice up your table settings. It's amazing how a easy and inexpensive project can really add color to your table and an extra detail to swoon over! Finding budget-friendly ways to tie your theme and vision together are what make beautiful budget savvy weddings! Thanks Lindsey for sharing this with us! -Jessica

Can you believe the fall season is around the corner? I can’t! But I have some plans for some awesome fall decor this year, including making at least one wreath :) I mean, why stop at one, right?! So, today I am sharing with you my favorite DIY fall wreaths that I havecome across. LOVE THEM ALL. Before you check out all the lovely Fall wreaths in this post, I wanted to let you know I have some SUPER AFFORDABLE Fall printables available in my printable art shop that I think you will love. You can check them out below :) Fall Collection: