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Elegance and romance go hand-in-hand and how you perceive these will depend on the type of interior design style you like the best! Irrespective of the style, elegance can be combined with romantic touches to suit your personality and individualism. When we think of romance we are also given choice as to what aspects we need to include in our bedroom to give it a romantic touch – everything doesn't have to be heart-shaped, red or black!

To achieve the desired look you'll need to add fabrics and materials which are soft to the touch – there's nothing romantic about bed sheets and duvet sets which are itchy and rough! Think along the lines of fabrics with a natural fluidity and smooth texture – silkaccent pillow case baby home and living, satin and quality cotton can all provide wonderfully tactile surfaces.

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Although we typically conjure up thoughts of beds (well, many people do!) when romance if mentioned, however, you can also add romantic and elegant looks to a bedroom by subtle lighting, soft furnishings and accessories. Colour will also play an important part in creating an elegant and romantic style; browns, pale white and cream are all colours which exude a natural elegant. Sheer fabrics such as voile can bring an elegant look to windows and/or walls and as these cheap curtains are available in both classical and modern styles you can find the style to suit the theme of your room.

Due to their dexterity and adaptability sheer voiles can be used to span across an entire length of a walls to bring a gentle, elegant softness to the room. If you're going to span and entire wall with curtains or fabric make sure that you have sufficient curtain pole brackets so that the pole doesn't sag in the middle – not a very romantic look! You also need to choose curtains which are full length, a bit like an elegant evening dress - that barely skims the flooring.

With modern flooring and under floor heating you can also add elegant and refined touches to your bedroom by choosing large rugs – if you have a contemporary interior plain rugs with a deep pile look the most stunning. Keep up to-date with the latest trend of placing a large rug under the bottom third of your bed or off-setting it from central to add visual interest to the room. Choose you accessories wisely – not too many and those you do select should relate to the room and its style.

When a new school year starts, the air is ripe with possibilities. It’s also ripe with papers, backpacks, school supplies, permission slips, lunch boxes, tennis shoes, and sports equipment. And it seems like no matter how many times you say, “Hang up your coat” or “Put away your backpack,” your entryway or mudroom will indefinitely become a drop zone for whatever comes in the door. Which is why it’s so important to put some thought into this space, so when school starts, you’re ready to tackle the busy days without having to worry about your home will take a beating.

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