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Choosing to create a garden studio is a small feat compared to what the addition will provide to your outside space. If you are looking to build a small space retreat in your garden it is important to decorate and set up the space appropriately. Garden spaces can be set up in many different ways depending on your particular needs and personality.

Think about the Theme

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Decide if you want an overall theme for your garden room in the beginning phases of planning out the space. Do you want to create a space that looks very similar to an outside space? Do you want to create a space for your artistic endeavors? No matter the way that you want to use a space, make sure that this is mapped out in the beginning so that you can add any necessary components to make the space yours.

Put the Plans on Paper

Make out a physical map of your garden in order to make sure that you plan out the layout appropriately. Having a layout will help you figure out where everything can be placed and exactly how much space you have to work with. Even a crude mapping of your garden can give you some idea on how to set up all of the spaces so that they are cohesive instead of being ill placed around one another.

Plan Plants around the New Space

Gardens are made for the plants and flowers. Make sure that you plan out some flowers, bushesaccent pillow case baby home and living, and shrubs around the new garden studio space. Adding a few plant pieces next to the room will help to blend the room in with the rest of the garden. Choose pieces that are already in your garden, or add pieces that blend well into the new room. If you do not feel comfortable with planting items directly next to the space, you can always use flower pots and hanging plants to bring the space into the garden.

Consult a Professional

Make sure that you consult a professional about adding the perfect garden studio space. A professional firm that has help to build and set up garden spaces before will have expert advice that you may not otherwise be able to find yourself. A professional can help you finalise the plans that you need for your new home and figure out the studio space down to the exact size. Be sure to use experts’; advice for your room. The most loft ambition may not be able to work properly in every garden and you need to have a space that is entirely usable.

When you are building a garden room, make sure that you gather all of your information and make a list of want and needs for the room before getting started with construction. Good plans make for good results.

Everyone needs a shopping bag. Here's a useful tote with an internal pocket and a one-piece waterproof base so you can put it down on the ground without getting a soggy bottom. Made from a pretty furnishing fabric with webbing handles and a lining, it's attractive yet strong enough to carry a few bottles of beer or several pounds of potatoes.

There are a lot of cardboard box ideas all around the internet but not many tutorials on how to make fabric liner with divisions so I thought I will share my take on how to make the DIY basket with a compartment. Also, I am challenged myself to use what I have on hand to make two DIY baskets( One as a diaper caddy and one as snacks basket). Because at 38 weeks pregnant, I couldn't craft much and also don't have the mood to go shopping for new supplies. But as a DIYer, I just couldn't simply pass time by watching videos or shows all the time. So, I took a lot of time(almost 4 to 5 days) to finish these baskets. You might find a different combination of supplies used here to make a single basket, that is because of the de-stash challenge that I created for myself to avoid shopping for new craft supplies. I mostly used the leftover pieces of materials from my previous DIY projects. Now, let us move on to the making.