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If you live for Spring and Summer, filled with the pastel colours of Easter and the smell of candy floss at the county fair, this year why not turn your décor into Pretty in Pink Christmas Paradise? There are no hard and fast colour rules to the holiday season, just to be filled with peace and joy.

Feeling festive begins with keeping dreary days out and sunshiny days in. The best way to achieve this type of atmosphere is with wooden blinds that give you control over the outside view. Wide slats painted in a brilliant white also lets you mix and match your window treatmentsaccent pillow case baby home and living, from figured pastels to fuchsia stripes for the holidays.

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Believe it or not, there are several colour schemes that blend well with the different tones of pink and violets. Black and white, green and brown, or a tender three-shaded use of pink and white, give you many ways of planning your Christmas theme. Reds do not really work with pink unless you intentionally want to achieve a startling contrast.

Everyone gets excited over decorating the tree. Because pink allows you to work with green and brown, there is no need to hunt for a tree that looks like a mound of candy floss that could end up overwhelming a room. Instead, use your imagination with decorations that feed your little girl fantasy of fluffy clouds and Springtime joy.

Pink LED lights and bright bubblegum bulbs can start your creative juices flowing. Use whites and pastels in trinkets and a bright crystal-like star for the top. Look for large rugs that put your tree on display, like a light brown rattan or a simple white plush.

Place a game table or small dining table where you can sit and enjoy your new tree that fills the room with pleasant thoughts. Use a light fuchsia spread with large white snowflakes as a backdrop. Start a puzzle of your favourite memory to frame and hang, or make holiday bows of lime green out of crepe or satin ribbon, while listening to your favourite Christmas songs.

You can make pink your traditional flavour for the holidays, without changing the reason for the season. Friends and family will feel the light-hearted splendour that comes from pastels in the right packaging, and how pretty in pink is not just for Spring.

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Here’s a note from Dale Riehl, The City Quilter, New York City: