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Use a black and white design and trimmings to accent your festivities this holiday season, welcoming a change from the traditional red and green colours. Your home will be beautifully cast for parties and family gatherings when draped with bold hints of Christmas in a dramatic new fashion. Holiday Dinner Extravaganza Be the talk of the town with a dynamic mixture of modern and classic as your guests are taken aback with your bold new festive twist. Instead of the normal twinkling lights and shining gold-plated accessories, tone down the elements with black and white, bringing about a mellow, alluring atmosphere.

Begin with black curtains swagged against the windows, dripping with silver angelsaccent pillow case baby home and living, along one side. The table is the perfect spot for a rich white silk runner or tablecloth, splashed with black festive designs of sleighs, Christmas trees or ribbons. Black taper candles in clear crystal holders, three or four, placed in a straight line, down the centre of an oblong table, will add depth without interfering with the meal. If you feel a little more dressing is in order, choose a black matte, or pewter Christmas centrepiece.

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Use white China for plates and cups and tall-stemmed crystal drinking glasses. Your table will look incredibly inviting and leave your guests wondering what will be next. Additional Charming Elements Poinsettias do not have to be left out of your traditional Christmas spirit, but instead of settling for red or pink solid colors, special order a few Poinsetta plants that have been Fantasy Colored. Perhaps you could select marbled white and deep purple plants for an interesting background, or white flowers with tips of burgandy.

Place on tall planters in corners of the room or group together on a side table. Bring the entire room home with your choice of gorgeous, large rugs that leave the area under the table swimming in softness. Luxurious black pile, fur, or shag, can complete the dreamy feeling of intimacy and pleasure and your guests are seated. Use a large area rug for under the table or two smaller rugs, placed side by side, to extend the length of the room.

A mystical fantasy of awe and pampered welcome will be the result, with the area complete. Black and white is an interesting way to create a formal décor to ring in the holiday season. With some simple planning, a few updates to a tired-looking table and chairs, and the right accents in curtains and plants, your guests will feel special. Add a terrific meal and the occasion will be one that is remembered by all.

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Hi, Friends! ?As promised, I’m back today to show you how to make a statement – “Count your Blessings, One by One” – on your Thanksgiving tablecloth. ?I chose the words Count Your Blessings, but you can do this with any words or phrase you like.

Maybe it’s because Isla is our third, but we decided to forgo the traditional first birthday bash & opted for a fun family night instead. I recall talking with a stationer last year who said first birthday invitations were nearly as stressful as wedding invitations, because it’s the first big celebration after a wedding. I can’t help but think that a first birthday party is for the parents, not the birthday “girl.” At one, they become easily overwhelmed, don’t know half of the guests extremely well & are just content with eating cake. I am NOT against first birthday parties, I just didn’t feel throwing one for Isla was right for us. I hosted a 20 guest, crammed in our tiny house first birthday party for Adalyn. By the end, I was exhausted & realized I barely spent any time with her. Aniston had a joint first birthday party with Adalyn, where we invited just immediate family. Last night was just perfect – for us. We had a picnic at the park, enjoying lots of laughs & fresh air, followed by presents & a pretty little rose cake at home. Knowing that she’s our last baby, I’ve been extra sentimental & focused on spending quality time enjoying her.I purchased a miniature cake at our local bakery, but wanted to add my own special touch to it. Don’t feel too sorry for Isla, we started the day with homemade doughnuts! In just 5 minutes from start-to-finish, Isla had a beautiful cake to celebrate with.Supplies:cake {purchase or get my simple tutorial to make your own}bouquet {I used a grocery store bouquet of roses, but you can use any variety of flowers}floral or kitchen shearsPrep your flowers. The day before, I cut the stems at an angle & put them in room temperature water to allow the roses to open.Select your first stem, preferably the biggest/most open. Cut the stem to about 1″, at an angle. Rinse & wipe the stem since we’ll be eating this cake later ??Inset the stem?vertically into?the cake.Cut your next stem, leaving it long enough to carry the weight of the bud, just over an inch. Insert it at an angle.Continue to work your way around the cake, just as you would in a bouquet, ensuring all holes are filled.I alternated the colors some, but with a small cake, you’re bound to have a couple of the same color next to one another, just embrace it!Using some of the greenery that comes with the bouquet, or leaves from the remaining part of the stem, snip & insert it at a sharp angle starting at the base of the middle flower. If you are doing a larger cake, do this in between each layer.and DONE! It’s so easy, I created the cake, photographed it & entertained the girls in just 5 minutes. You cannot go wrong!Isla’s birthday is just another way I’m trying to live big by living small. This 5 minute diy cake was a way I could make the celebration special for her without adding stress & taking time away from what’s truly important.For more?easy inspiration, follow along on Facebook & Instagram & pin with me on Pinterest!Coordinately yours,Julie