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The Eye is in the Detail’: a saying that sits very true to the principles of interior design. From simply taking the time to ensure the elements within the room all coordinate to adding small additions such as napkin rings, door knobs and candles to finalise and round off your design scheme. Whatever your design style and taste however it is also possible to make these smaller accessories or additions stand at the focal point of your design and inevitably act to make a real design statement. Consequently this article provides you with some quick and inspirational ideas on how to best use accessories to their maximum potential within your home.


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One of the easiest ways to turn a simple accessory in to a main design statement is to consider scale. Purchase an oversized vase to stand in partnership with your fireplace or an elaborate and grand mirror to prop up in your bedroom and create an almost doll house effect by belittling all your other pieces of furniture. Furthermore, where possible it can also be effective to group a number of similar yet different sized accessories together. For example, position three candles on a shelf in ascending order or a selection of frames. The sheer number and scaling effect of grouping accessories helps them to become more dominant within your scheme.


Alongside wallpaper and fabricaccent pillow case baby home and living, accessories provide an ideal opportunity to add texture to your scheme. Whether it is mosaic, clear glass, wood, marble, metal or plastic repeating these materials in your accessories gives your design scheme a further level of sense and logic. Furthermore if, for example, you have smooth gloss furniture accessories can really accentuate its properties if you choose contrasting textures such as brushed steel, ceramic or stone. If opting for this kind of effect do be sure to keep your accessories to a minimum to create a more minimalist finish.


When struggling with a small or particularly dark room; accessories enable you to inject colour and personality whilst keeping the walls and upholstery light to maximise the feeling of space. Choose a handful of striped and patterned scatter cushions, an elaborate bed runner or rug in any colours you decide. Or for a minimalist and very contemporary finish why not keep the rest of your room one colour or a selection of harmonious shades and then add one or two large and vivid accessories to create a striking and edgy finish. Consider a funky retro chair, statue or something of equal size.

?Whatever your choices and tastes remember that accessories are the easiest, changeable and most effective way to add design and update your home. For softer looks keep the sizes and scales in proportion to the rest of the room. For a more individual look get larger and brighter for a real design statement. Finally, do remember to have fun experimenting with your accessories to find a balance and overall look you are happy with and that is reflective of your personality.

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